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Agricultural Equipment, Large scale Irrigation, Spray & Landscaping Project Management.

I specialise mainly in large-scale agricultural and irrigation projects, but I also develop or modify existing equipment according to requirement.

Agricultural Equipment

Soil Aeration and plant growth
Oxygen is required by microbe and plants for respiration. Oxygen taken up and carbon dioxide evolved are stoichiometric. Under anaerobic conditions, gaseous carbon compounds other than carbon dioxide are evolved. Root elongation is particularly sensitive to aeration. Oxygen deficiency disturbs metabolic processes in plants, resulting in the accumulation of toxic substances in plants and low uptake of nutrients. 

Machinery designs from DASQ which initiated my new range of machinery to give proven higher yields by utilising existing soil inputs and soil moisture retentiion

The type of work done by this unit was one pass but still had the problems of existing cultivation trains.

DASQ designs has the answers in new cultivation equipment.

Silage Unloading and Total Mixed ration Feeding.

Gold Medal awarded.

Goats being fed with Cormall TMR unit. Goat farm built to house 1,600 goats.

Irrigation setup and installation and water treatment

Pump house UAE

Interceptor Pit pre reservoir cleaning OMAN

Irrigation and planting plan landscaping UAE

Reed beds removing benzene from the water

Maize grown on properly cultivated and irrigated ground


Linear move B and 70 day tasselled maize crop.

75 days crop to crop harvested and replanted Oman.

AL Khadra Farm Ben Ghazi Libya.

Razat Royal Farm linear move and main drive OMAN

A+B.  Cultivation and seeding  KSA

C.  Soil surface compaction

Combining Young Australia

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